b'B I G G A M E H O O KS8700 S DYNACUT SOUTHERN TUNASS Stainless SteelSTAINLESS STEELStainless Steel Forged RingedActual SizeBIG GAMEBig Game STAINLESS STEEL Dynacut SeriesThe stainless steel Dynacut Big Game series feature the first ready-to-fish, ultra sharp big game point on the market. With four ultra-sharp cutting edges and four perfectly symmetrical glassy faces, the VMC Dynacut point does not require any additional sharpening. The geometry of the Dynacut point allows the hook to easily penetrate the hardest part of the jaw of game fish, instantly providing a perfect setting of the hook for a safe and clean fight.Designed not only to be ultra sharp, the Dynacut Big game point was shaped to last and resists enormous pressure applied onto it during the setting of the hook. www.vmcpeche.com108'