b'INLINE SINGLE HOOKS7237 LIGHT INLINE SINGLE BN Black NickelHi-Carbon Steel Extra Wide Gap Large Eye 1X Strong Fine WireActual Size10 8INTRODUCING VMC INLINE SINGLE HOOKSFOR LURESInline single hooks designed to use in place of treble hooks on lures (hardbaits,spoons or casting jigs) when the use of trebles is restricted or forbidden.This practice is now widely used to reduce snagging on obstacles and for catch-and-release techniquesbecause the hooks are easier to remove.With an extra-wide gap to improve catch rate and a large eye for easy assembly / freedom of movement using split rings.7237 BN / 7238 BN (above and below): versatile ultra-light hooks for smaller lures for both freshwater and saltwater applications7266 TI: larger model for hunting saltwater specimens (see next page). www.vmc-hooks.com7237 B LIGHT INLINE SINGLE BARBLESS BN Black NickelFormerly 7238Hi-Carbon Steel Barbless Extra Wide Gap Large Eye 1X Strong Fine WireActual Size7234 MANGROVE INLINE CT Coastal PTFEVanadium Steel Micro-Barb Extra WideGap Technical Locking Curve 3X Strong6 4 2 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0Actual SizeActual Size31'