7264 BN - Black Nickel TI - Tin JIGGING ASSIST HOOK IGFA RULING Assist hooks or other such single hooks that are attached to a lure with a lead constructed of monofilament, multifilament, wire or other such material must conform to the following: when using assist hooks on any artificial lure, other than a skirted lure, the lead cannot be more than 1½ hook’s length and the bend of the hook may not be more than 4 inches (101 mm), whichever is less, from the closest point of attachment on the lure. Double and treble hooks may not be used as assist hooks. www.vmcpeche.com 7117 TI - Tin LIGHT JIGGING HOOK pages 27 to 29 INLINE SINGLE HOOKS pages 30 to 31 HOOKS FOR SPOONS & SPINNERS 32 H O O K S F O R L U R E S FOR LURES HOOKS FOR METAL JIGS / ASSIST RIGS