9789 PS - Permasteel® TI - Tin HEAVY DUTY TOURNAMENT CIRCLE 9789 This very heavy duty circle hook has been designed to meet increasing tournament regulations in areas of the world where circle hooks are required to be flat (non- reversed). In order to obtain the maximum level of resistance on each hook, VMC uses the finest quality of high carbon steel and fully forges the hook from the eye to the middle of the point. This forging allows ref 9789 to use lighter, thinner wire than other hooks on the market and still obtain a better resistance to opening. Being thinner, the penetration is significantly improved. The forged point will resist outrageous amounts of pressure without bending. Fishing with braided line, multi-speed reels and heavy rods is not an issue anymore! www.vmcpeche.com 8386 Continued from the previous page 5789 pages 103 to 104 TOURNAMENT 104 C I R C L E H O O K S CIRCLE TOURNAMENT